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Dissolution of Marriage

When the decision has been made to initiate dissolution of marriage proceedings, the experience can feel overwhelming.


Our team has the knowledge and experience to protect your interests as you close one chapter in your life and begin another along with the empathy to guide you through the process. In addition to securing a fair distribution of the assets to which our clients are entitled and helping our clients avoid the common pitfalls of divorce, we assist our clients with formulating individualized plans as they reimagine and rebuild their futures.


Allow us to assist you as you navigate divorce disputes involving distribution of assets and liabilities, dissipation of assets, spousal support, temporary support, as well as modification proceedings.

Child Support Matters

Timesharing Disputes

Parenting is difficult. Parenting without specific guidelines and responsibilities in place for each parent is even more difficult. In the event of a dispute between parents regarding parental timesharing, parental decision-making, and/or child support, we are the professionals and fellow parents who are here to help.


Our clients routinely rely on our experience to negotiate, establish, and enforce clear timesharing guidelines, parenting plans, and child support obligations.


Allow us to handle and resolve the legal dispute involving your children, while you get to focus on creating good and lasting memories with them.

Quality Time
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Child Abuse, Abandonment, and Neglect Cases

A juvenile dependency case is created when the local government or a private petitioner has reason to believe that a child has been neglected, abused, mistreated, or put at risk of harm. As with any legal action, it is important to be mindful of your legal rights in a juvenile dependency case and of the legal requirements necessary to authorize any actions or decisions made by the state of Florida.


If a dependency case has been initiated against you, you have the right to have a lawyer represent you in juvenile court. Similarly, if you believe that you have grounds to initiate private dependency proceedings based on the alleged abuse, abandonment, or neglect of a child, you should do so with the assistance of experienced counsel.


Our team has the experience and resolve to handle these sensitive and complicated matters for you.

Guardian Ad Litem and

Attorney Ad Litem Services

A guardian ad litem (“GAL”) is a specially-trained advocate who is appointed to perform an investigation or evaluation and provide recommendations to the judge as to a child (or children’s) best interest. Distinguishably, in the context of family and dependency cases, an attorney ad litem (“AAL”) is an attorney who is appointed by a court to  advocate for the express wishes of a child.


As a mother, advocate, and former prosecutor for the Department of Children and Families, Brittany Quintana Marti is exceptionally qualified to advocate on behalf of and in the best interest of a child involved in dependency or family law proceedings in the state of Florida.


Should you wish to discuss any such family or dependency law matter with our office, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. 

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