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  • What does my property insurance policy cover?
    Every insurance policy for residence or commercial property contains different coverage, coverage limits as well as exclusions, terms and conditions. Generally, in Florida, your property and casualty policy contains coverage for damage to a dwelling, “other structures” on the premises, personal property, and coverage for loss of use of the property and/or business interruption in the event of a covered loss. It is important to discuss your available coverage as well as the limitations, conditions and exclusions contained in your policy with your experienced property insurance attorney so that you can be prepared if your property ever sustains a loss in the future.
  • What services does Quintana Law offer?
    Quintana Law offers legal services throughout the state of Florida but concentrates on serving its community in South Florida. We specialize in representing residential and commercial policyholders in disputes with their insurance companies when insurance companies wrongfully deny or underpay a claim for damage to insured property. This may include damage to a covered home or business. We handle insurance claims for our policyholders clients through the claims investigation process through litigation, when necessary. At Quintana Law, we also provide services in the areas of family law, dependency law, landlord-tenant law and general civil litigation.
  • What will it cost me to hire Quintana Law's property insurance attorneys?
    For claims in litigation, we do not charge our policyholder client’s anything up front. After we resolve our client’s dispute, we then seek to recover expended attorneys fees and costs from our client’s insurance carriers directly.
  • Can't I just handle my insurance claim myself?
    You could absolutely handle your insurance claim by yourself. However, our recommendation will always be to use a trusted team of attorneys, adjusters, contractors, engineers and other consultants to protect your interests. At Quintana Law, we assemble your team for you at no additional cost to you. We can assure you that your insurance company has access its own team of adjusters, experts, consultants, lawyers and contractors to represents its interests when you make your claim. Why shouldn’t you?
  • When should I report my insurance claim?
    You should report your claim promptly after discovering a loss to your property. However, some carriers and insurance agents make it a complicated process to report your claim. We streamline the process for you.
  • What can I do to prepare for addressing sudden and accidental loss to my property with my insurance company?
    We first recommend contacting our office to perform a free policy review and discuss with you the coverage you have available in the event of a covered loss to your residential or commercial property. Next, take pictures of your property before a loss that shows the condition that your property is in before any loss occurs. In the unfortunate event of a loss to your property, take additional photographs and video of the property showing its condition, keep receipts and invoices for all costs you pay out of pocket to mitigate and repair your damaged property, and do everything in your power to act quickly to protect your property from further damage after a loss.
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