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What To Do When a Client Claims You Failed to Complete the Construction in a Timely Manner

There’s a lot at stake during commercial construction projects, so it’s no surprise that tensions between owners and general contractors can run high from time to time. When those tensions escalate to full-on disputes, however, it may be a reason to seek legal counsel from an experienced South Florida construction litigation attorney.

Common Types of Construction Disputes

Project owners can get upset about a whole host of issues. I’m sure you have plenty of stories to tell yourself… Some complaints that you, as a GC, receive have to just roll off your shoulders. Others, especially those that get at the quality, integrity and contractual commitment of your work, you simply cannot ignore.

Disputes between clients and general contractors run the gamut, but these are a few common examples that may lead to litigation.

● Nonpayment

● Contract disputes

● Injury or negligence

● Delays

● Quality concerns

● Mold

These and other issues can lead to construction litigation in Miami. If you find yourself accused of failing to complete construction in a timely manner or any of these other issues, turn to an attorney with experience in construction law to help.

Steps to Address Client Claims of Delayed Construction Completion

Timely completion of construction projects is crucial for both GCs and clients, yet despite meticulous planning and execution, unforeseen circumstances can occur. In turn, this may lead to project delays (and client dissatisfaction). When delays happen, here are some steps to take.

1. First, review the contract - It all comes back to what’s in your written agreement. Be sure all parties understand the agreed-upon timeline and any clauses related to delays, extensions or force majeure events.

2. Next, assess the reason for the delay - If there is indeed a construction delay, assess the contributing factors. Was it due to weather conditions or changes to the project scope? Or perhaps material shortages or labor complications? It’s important to understand all contributing factors as you prepare to address the client’s claims.

3. Discuss the issue with the client - Schedule a meeting with your client to review the contract and listen to their concerns.

4. Consult a construction law attorney - When in doubt about how to resolve a construction dispute with a client, consult an experienced construction litigation attorney. No one wants to end up in court if they don’t have to, and often an attorney can help you work toward a favorable resolution without the time and expense of going to court.

Construction delays certainly cause stress and can lead to disputes when not handled effectively. If you have a client who claims you failed to complete construction in a timely manner, please get in touch with our team at Quintana Law, PA to schedule a free consultation. We represent general contractors throughout South Florida and ensure all construction disputes are handled promptly, effectively and fairly for our clients.

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