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Residential and Commercial Property Insurance Claims

In the event of sudden and accidental loss to your property in the state of Florida, you should consult with an experienced property insurance attorney. Quintana Law, PA offers free policy reviews, personalized attention, and experienced representation for its residential and commercial policyholder clients.

Our office is prepared to advocate for you from the date of your property loss through the resolution of your insurance claim. Your insurance company has a team of representatives and experts acting to protect its interests. You, too, should have a qualified team of experts maximizing the recovery owed to you.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

In the context of property damage, a bad faith claim arises in the state of Florida when an insurance company unreasonably refuses to pay a property insurance claim or otherwise fails to properly investigate the claim.


If you sustained a covered loss to your property and your insurance company failed to settle in good faith when, under all the circumstances, it could and should have done so, you may be entitled to recover additional damages.


When the insurance company fails to promptly perform its obligations under your insurance contract after being quick to accept your insurance premiums, we are the experienced professionals ready and able to help you hold your insurance company accountable.

Interior Design Construction
Image by Annie Gray
Image by Annie Gray

Construction Disputes

Whether you are a contractor, property owner, subcontractor or supplier, our skilled team of trial lawyers is here to protect your rights when disputes arise during the course of a construction project. Navigating construction disputes can be a challenging process, but with our extensive knowledge of Florida's complex construction laws and regulations, our lawyers and staff are well-equipped to handle cases of all sizes.


We handle a wide range of construction-related matters, including breach of contract, construction defects, delays, payment issues, design errors, and insurance claims. ​Our office will counsel its clients to develop initial strategies, engage in pre-suit negotiations and, as necessary, in litigation and through trial. When you choose Quintana Law, you can expect a comprehensive and proactive approach to resolving your construction disputes.

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